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They’re up close, personal, intimate and we usually leave feeling like we've made new friends.

The home show platform is perfect way to enjoy a W Lovers concert from the comfort of your own home with your favorite (20 or more) people.

Because the nature of a home show is so intimate, it gives the audience a chance to really connect with us in a way that they wouldn’t usually be able to at a bar or theatre show. It breaks down the barriers and as artists, we feel like the community we build from these shows is so important to us, on our journey.


If you have never hosted one before, it’s easier than you might think. Anyone can host a show! As long as you have a space and friends, you’re on your way! Here’s some more detail.




Date and time frame.


This part is pretty easy. Throw us some options of your preferred date and we’ll see if we’re free. If we’re not, we can send you our available dates and try and collaborate on something. Usually we like to book about two months in advance, so we can ensure that you’ll have time to get your invites out to friends. We like to play two sets and have a break in the middle to chat with everyone. We can work with you on a personalized game plan. For example, If you’d like to serve food, or have people bring a plate, that is up to you, we can do a ‘meet and greet’ before we play or in the midde.

The in between part gives us a chance to sell our CD’s and mingle.

Usually from the arrival time, to the end is about three hours and we’ll be there two hours earlier for set up.





To help us all have a successful time, we’d ask you to have 20 or more adults in attendance. More is great too but you’re going to need space to put people comfortably with chairs or similar. When you’re reaching out to people personally, you get a pretty good response (rather than mass facebook invites). RSVP’s are really essential to guage numbers.

If you ask 40 people, you’re likely to get 20 people, so cast the net as wide as you’d like for the size of the room you have.





All we really need is shelter from the sun, rain or wind. We are happy to play outdoors, as long as we have an indoor backup plan if the weather turns on us. Also, we’ll need power, so if we’re out in the backyard, patio, or the field, you’ll need to be mindful that we’re not going to have very long leads, or generators and such. Our whole lives will be packed into a PT Cruiser.

Another thing to think about is that if we need shelter, your guests will need it too (from wind and sunburn).





This is a donation based concert, so please pass on that everyone can donate what they like for the performance. Please let them know that we will also have merchandise for sale.

Some people have suggested donations ($10 - $20) as part of the invitation but that can really limit the money we make. We find that if you leave the amount off, we can make more money when people are moved by the performance and of course if there is someone who loves music that can’t afford to donate; we don’t want to exclude them from coming.

While it’s true that this is how we make our living, sharing the music with people is the most important thing

Please let everyone know that you’ll be asking for donations after the performance, and we’ll also have merchandise for sale, that’s the main part.

Also, if you have your heart set on a set ticket price for your guests, rather than asking for donations, we can negotiate that with you.




In order to get our gear set up and the sound right in the location, we’ll be there two hours before the official arrival time.

Usually, guests like to mingle at the start of the night for around 30 minutes before the music starts. It gives them a chance to grab a snack and a drink and find a comfortable spot. Then we’ll begin the music. People usually start to fidget after 40 minutes, so we will take a break for everyone to have a stretch / replenish snacks and drinks, go to the restroom and then we’ll get back into the second set. (Of course, we can navigate around this with you and your plans, if you want to make a dinner plan).

As soon as we’re finished, the host will make an encouraging announcement for the guests to donate what they feel moved to. Then we can mingle some more.





Every show is different, every space is different and every host has a different plan of what they’d like, we’d love to work with you to make a magical experience for you and your friends.



Please send any questions you may have to

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