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All good things.

Here is our first THING for Patreon. We were able to make something creative this month with lots of help from our friends.

This is our second ever music video and it's for our song 'Love me Forever' from our album which came out at the beginning of this month and thanks to our 4 funders on Patreon, our video guy Lance Wells and our friends at SeaTac International Airport, we are happy to present it to you!

For anyone who hasn't heard about Patreon yet, it's like a crowd funder site but you pay 'per thing' - For example. If you pledge $1 per thing, you'll get charged $1 every time we put a 'thing' out. And we're aiming to put out a 'thing' per month.

Here's the thing and we'd love it if you'd help us with the next one!

Become a Patron - Click over here ➜ ➜


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