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Keeping cool, in Quarantine.

It's the first of MAY 2020!

Back in February, we were sunning ourselves in New Zealand, by my mum's pool, excited to come home to the US, to a string of gigs, a West Coast tour and then hit festival season.

How wrong we were!

In March, all the gigs, festivals and tour spots cancelled. Within two weeks, our entire income stream dried up and our whole years plans, went out the window.

We spent March and April, doing what most other people have done. We've baked bread, read books, completed 1000 piece puzzles, knitted sweaters, vacuumed the bathtub, rearranged the furniture and rearranged it somewhere else.

We navigated online learning for our 6 year old, managed Zoom guitar lessons, went walking outside, cried, stayed in our pajamas all day, Netflix binged, brewed homemade cider, made kombucha, made homemade yogurt...... am I missing anything?

Basically, if it was a 'stay-at-home' trend, we tried it.

Now that we've had time to digest, what ultimately feels like our whole world has been turned upside down, we're focused on how to stay a float and keep creating.

We've had some help from friends and family, on Facebook fundraisers and truthfully, we wouldn't have made rent without the help. We're really grateful.

But what do the next few months look like? How do we continue to pay rent, without an income? How do we get ahead and make the next record, without gig money flowing?

Well, we've got a few ideas and we're rolling out the first one this week.



May = Tie Die T-shirts.


They're available now for purchase in our STORE and we'll begin shipping mid May.

You'll be able to pick your size and we'll send you your 100% unique Tie Dye W Lovers Shirt. No two shirts are the same and it will be a luck of the draw on color and dye style.

All shirts are lovingly made by us, The Woods, at the Wood family homestead. We're no strangers to making our own T-shirts, we've made them at home for the last 5 years. However, this very special and limited run, has been given a little bit of extra love. We've taken the time to tie dye the shirts, in a bunch of different colors and we're excited to bring you a new print, too. The print is modeled after the hand drawn poster, that Wesley made for our Spring show at Ballard Homestead, which was cancelled due to quarantine. We are in the process of rescheduling that show. The Tshirts are 100% cotton, from Fruit of the Loom. With Tie Dye, there are a few washes involved, so they will be pre-shrunk. We hope you love them, as much as we do. Orders will ship out mid May.

If you are local to Bothell and want to pick them up, we can accommodate. Just send us a message and we'll give you instructions and a code for Free Shipping, that you can apply to your cart.

More Questions? Message us and ask us through our website HERE

Below is a gallery of some of the process.

Hope you enjoy the t-shirts.

Thanks so much, Fleur and Wesley.


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