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104% Funded!!!

We (YOU) did it! It's all done, it's all over, we made it!

We worked so hard to get the word out over the 60 days the campaign ran. We played 30 shows, we did radio interviews and online interviews for magazines and blogs. We went as hard as we could to promote it and it paid off.

It's an amazing feeling to know that you can dream something and have it become real right in front of your eyes. It's an even more amazing feeling to watch people from all over the world getting involved with your dream to help make it happen.

After 125 shows last year and 60 something already this year, we are finally happy to annouce that yes, the album is officially on it's way!

Now that the campaign is over on Indiegogo - We have reached 'In Demand' status which means, because we hit our target, people can still donate and get perks for the next few months. So, if you missed the campaign, you can still jump on board and get rewards


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