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August Shows

The W Lovers - Shows - Laura Tait Photography

It's a can't stop, won't stop kind of summer. We've been all go with shows and we're pretty sure last month was a record number for us. There was one weekend where we had six shows in three days and we really had to have a cup of tea and a lie down the following Monday.

This month is much the same and we're grateful. We're playing a wedding and a funeral (well, a celebration of life party), we have shows in Washington and Oregon and there will be a lot of miles put on our Jeep.

Outside of music, we're remodeling our little RV and making it beautiful. This month, we're going to finish the floor and paint and trim it. We're also trying to save our money for the next musical recording project.

We're going to live record a video this month with a local production company and put it out through our Patreon and actually start using our Patreon again. (I may have said that before and not followed through, so please hold me accountable) either way, we'll do a video this month.

We worked on a new song this morning which is coming together nicely. We actually have about two albums worth of songs that are unrecorded. We need to get that ball rolling - Perhaps when the weather cools a bit!

Anywho, we hope to see you this month at a show - Or hope you'll check out our video when we release it before the end of this month.

This is the first image we're releasing from our New Zealand photo shoot with Laura Tait Photography - Isn't she SO DARN GOOD!!!!

xx Fleur


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