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Electrokitty Studio

We're mixing the record this weekend and having a blast. It makes you kinda crazy listening to the same song over and over again. I don't know how engineers do it.

For me, this is album number six and I still have much to learn about mixing wizzardry.

Justin Davis is doing a fine job making us sound great and he's so easy going to work with which really helps.

The studio is really cool. It's underground, underneath a house. I'd love to record a song here but we're just mixing here. We're in here for four days and we're making great progress with the songs. Everything is starting to take shape.

I haven't spent much time in this part of town before (Wallingford) although except I did buy the ol' Dodge Caravan here a couple of years ago.

Anywho, there's lots of great food in the area and it's nice walking around town in between songs to get a break from critical listening.

Had a killer Bloody Mary this morning made with sake at a great cafe called Julias.

About to hit the pavement and get out of here for a minute and find some good tacos.

We're mixing 'Moonshine' right now. Stripping harmonies and balancing the Steel and Mandolin parts, so they work really well together. I can't wait to announce a release date.

All good things in good time.




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