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Four music videos since May. Seen em?



I just realized, I've done all my 'blogging' over here on Patreon and none here on our website.

So, while it looks like we haven't updated much, we've actually been posting quite a bit and you can click the above link and read about the last few months.

Our Patreon is growing and we'll be focused on putting out something every month and continue what we've been working on since May. We might not always release video but they're working for us for now. We're thinking professional live videos next.

Patreon is allowing us to keep creating and releasing more often. I love working to a monthly deadline!

Releasing something on a smaller scale every month means we don't have to wait a year before we release an 'album'. We just find a way to make our music recordable, on a budget.

The idea that you need 20K to make an album means if you want to put out an album, you need to save/ crowdfund or figure out some kind of other fundraising business.

Our business is playing live music and while we make enough to cover our bills, coming up with money for expensive projects (Like making music/ music videos/ recording) isn't easy.

Most artists struggle with paying their bills and we're very lucky to be running a successful small business, being performers.

So, a little release at a time is far more manageable and who doesn't like the idea of being 'prolific?' Having people believe in us and pushing us further forward means our business keeps growing and we're so grateful.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in playing live (or as we call it, 'working') that we forget to finish writing songs, or forget that we are 'creators' altogether. Or, we'll finish a song and it would sit there doing nothing for half a year before we could release it, or worse, we'll spend our money on recording it and have no marketing budget, or money aside to push singles to radio etc.

With Patreon, we are more focussed than ever in the part we love the most;

Creation and Release!!

My goal and dream is that our Patreon grows to the point that we can not only just release music but be able to pay a team to market it, to radio, press and help us grow to the next level.

I guess just like having a record deal would but without the soul selling contract and debt.

So far, we've got Lance, who is our video team. I'd like to expand our company to create roles to include our own marketing team/ press team so when we release our music, it can fly further and wider.

The 'music business' is a funny thing. I'm always looking back to when we started. We made a New Years resolution two years ago to not play for free and I remember feeling sad that we wouldn't be able to play a 'cool' gig because it was only going to give us 'drink tickets.'

Now, my thinking pattern has changed to 'I can't feed my son drink tickets' and because of that mindset, we've really been able to keep our heads above the water.

I should probably mention that, we still do play for free from time to time but it's usually very rare, special occasions. We just played a fundraiser for local businesses in our town that we wrecked by a fire that was just down the road from our apartment. We're lucky that we are able to pick and choose our gigs now and can work in charity shows when we can. It's lovely to be able to give back!

On a personal level, Wesley and I have been playing about 15 shows a month and working our butts off. Phoenix turned three on the 12th August and Wesley has been painting our furniture, so life at home has been upgrading slowly too. We still live in the cheapest apartment in town but we're dreaming of a farmhouse with a wrap-around porch, so we're dressing up our furniture to make it feel like we're there already.

The current dream is to buy land and a house-bus and build our dream house while living in the bus. Naturally, the dreamhouse has a recording studio in it. Gosh, you should see my Pinterest!! My dad built his home while living in a little caravan on Waiheke Island in New Zealand and I'd love to do it. More on that another time .....

Right, here's all the videos.

Any shares, likes and love from you ALWAYS makes us smile and we have our own YouTube Channel now, so you can subscribe if you like.

We are truly thankful to see new Patrons on our Patreon and we're excited to watch it grow further!

Thank you all so much for supporting us!

xoxo Much love xoxo


Middle of Nowhere

I Don't Wanna Fight (Take Me Home)

Love Me Forever

Canyon Wind


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