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July Shows.

We managed to have 19 shows this month - It might be a record.

A few of them are Airport shows, where by, if you aren't travelling, you can't see us - So it seams silly to list them. (They also pop up for us every week, so it's hard to advertise them in our monthly poster).

Here's where to find us - Big shows this month include the Special Olympics and Lavender Festival. The Lavender festival might just be the most amazing smelling gig in the world! We're really excited. We're headed to Oregon twice - To Portland and for a wedding. We're also looking forward to the Wilkeson town festival. The have hand car races every year and we're the featured band this year.

Nothing to report on album stuff yet - We are playing so much through the summer that we just don't have time to record anything - Although, the band is rehearsing new songs and we're slowly learning all the new tunes together as a band.

The W Lovers Shows July Seattle Music


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