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Mastered and gigs and such.

So much good stuff coming up.

The album is mastered. On March 1st, we spent the day with Ed Brooks at RFI Mastering in Seattle and he put his sparkly last touched on the record. It's done and we're just about done with the album artwork and then we'll press and ship!!!

That is pretty exciting.

Left to right - Justin Davis who recorded, engineered and mixed the record, me, Wesley and Ed Brooks (Mastering Enginner).

We've got some really cool gigs coming up.

March 25th

Yakima Front Street Spring Fest.

We're going to be playing as a four piece for this next show which will actually be two gigs in one. We've been invited to play in Front Street Springfest Springfest which spans four venues and we'll be playing two venues in two hours. AntoLin Cellars (6pm) and Carousel French Cuisine (7.30pm).

As soon as we're done with the first gig, we literally run all our instruments down the road to the next venue and play 30 minutes later which is going to be a hoot! Details of this one and tickets etc are on our website and the first link in this set. (Yay, another road trip baby). We are coming out thanks to the good folks at Chinook Fest and we are really excited to be playing.

April 4th

Columbia City Theatre

Opening for Leigh Bingham Nash (Formerlly of Sixpence Non The Richer).

We are very pleased to announce that we will be opening for Leigh Bingham Nash at her Seattle show at Columbia City Theater.

I (Fleur) grew up singing along to her old band Sixpence None The Richer, so this show is a real treat for me. We'll be playing as a duo for this show - Show details here;…/32097814/leigh-nash

April 8th

Conor Byrne

We are so excited for this next show. It's our third show with the full band for 2016, after our great January show at The Tractor.

We're excited to be playing with March to May who are a Seattle folk/ Indie Duo and Jakelope Saints will be joining us from Portland for the show.

Look at the SUPER RAD poster that Wesley drew by hand.


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