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New live video - Seesaw

We're so happy to be releasing a new video and this time, it was live in the studio, with a short interview in the beginning. We ventured out to Deep Well Studios, in Woodinville Washington, to record this one, with our band.

Deep Well Studio is the place we recorded our debut album and when we made the album, we camped out there for a whole week in 'live-in' style.

It's an old log cabin in the middle of nowhere, build with logs that fell on the property.

It's truly a beautiful space and sounds amazing!

This time, we took a day trip, with our videographer Lance Wells.

He has made all of our music videos to date and we love working with him.

We hope to do something new with him again, soon.

We have enough new songs for a new album and we're in talks at the moment, as to where we're going to make that happen. We're planning a house concert tour for October and we're busy with shows in town here, which is all good stuff. So hopefully, we'll have some concrete plans soon and be in the studio before the year is out.

Thanks to our patrons on our Patreon, who helped us to create it. They also get a free audio download of the song. If that's something you'd like to have on your music player, please join us on Patreon. For as little as $1 per thing we release, you can have instant access to exclusive unreleased downloads and see videos and other content before it is released to the world. The more patronage we have, the more we can make and it helps us release music more often, which is our biggest dream.

Another thing we're hoping to do, when we do release our next album, is to have it on vinyl. We love vinyl, the way it sounds, the way it looks and it's always been on our bucket list to have something we've made, pressed into the grooves.

Hope you like the video!!

Fleur and Wesley


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