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Winter Tour

Holy Moly. I just spent a month in New Zealand! I played a solo show in Raglan with my good friends Miss Peach and Callum Gentleman.

Joel Vinsen, who played on my first album 'Ghosts of Cimarron' was at the gig, playing with Callum and I stole him for a song. Joel is basically butter on toast. Just the best. So tasty. Genius, even! Gosh, I feel so spoilt to have spent time with all of them!

I even played a show with my old rock band The Twitch and we packed a small bar on K Road and rocked the house down. It was amazing.

Coming home has been wonderful and hard. I'm going to miss my family and my friends like crazy!!! The only thing that makes it OK is being back, in the arms of my love.

If we could do what we do in New Zealand, I'd move home in a heartbeat but America is really where the music is at.

Speaking of which, we're playing a boat load of shows starting tomorrow.

2.23 - Renaissance Seattle Hotel - Seattle, WA

2.24 - McMenamin's Anderson School - Bothell, WA

2.25 - Salty's at Redondo Beach - Des Moines, WA

2.27 - Sunset Tavern *FULL BAND* - Seattle, WA

3.3 - Carousel - Yakima, WA

3.09 – Lagunita’s Taproom – Seattle, WA

3.10 - Alderbrook Resort - Shelton, WA

3.11 - McMenamin's Boon's Treasury - Salem, OR

3.12 - Next Door Gastropub - Port Angeles, WA

3.18 - Salty's at Redondo Beach - Des Moines, WA

3.23 - Lombardi's - Mill Creek, WA

3.24 - Brewminatti Coffee Shop - Prosser, WA

3.26 – Portland Market – Portland, OR

3.31 – Sockeye Brewing - Boise, ID

I can't wait. The next few months are going to take us places that our little W Lovers hearts could only dream of. And that's just February and March!

We have shows on the books as far out as November, so it's really shaping up to be a good year.

We have yet to start planning for our Patreon projects - All in good time.

Thanks as always for supporting us, loving us and sharing the W Love around the world.

We love you!!!


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